Hedwig Smulders

Hedwig Smulders makes drawings and sculptures. The theme of her work is the connection between man and nature.

"Man and his technology are increasingly displacing nature around us. By showing my work I try to make people aware of the beauty of natural forms. I hope to make people realize that nature consevation should be a top priority. Nature is a source of inspiration; the play of light and shadow, the natural structures, shapes created by wind and tides by the sea, the primeval forests and hollow paths intrigue me."

There is a lot of movement in the work. The organic shapes seem to have grown in a natural way rather than created by a human hand. Coherence in the composition is of great importance to the artist. This also plays a role in her other work. As an educated musician, Hedwig is the viola player of the Maris Quartet.

Click for potcast Het Atelier van Hedwig Smulders