Hedwig Smulders

My subject matter is  inspired  mostly by nature. The play of light and shadow; the structure of trees and the forms and shapes created in sea sand by the wind and the tides.  The human body also offers inspiration.

During travels in Finland, the splendour of the trees reflected in the endless lakes made an  impression on me.  In Normandy the ancient forests and hollow paths fascinate me.

In this new series “Tulip”, I found inspiration in the still life paintings of the Dutch Golden Age. This was a time of transience and change.

“Origine” Expresses the pursuit for the core of existence.  It explores the connection between man and nature.

The “Arcadia” series is inspired by the Greek mythological Arcadia in Peloponnesus and the “desire for the perfection of existence with nature”.  It is a pastoral utopian landscape as a described by Virgil.  The Naiads are  water nymphs; the guardians of flowers, fruit and man, who lived in the brooks of this paradise.

My abstract series is called Mouvement. It is composed of sculptures and drawings and epitomizes movement and flow.   The works appear to have organic forms and they give the illusion of having grown, rather than being fabricated by man or machine.

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