Lovely to be able to enjoy. Work Stay inspired! Good luck! A. P.

The naked serpentine opal, GORGEOUS. Have !! B.

3/6/2012 Today we want necessarily to this exhibition because the image on the folder so appealed to us. Immediately after entering we were excited about the whole, and the first image we saw we absolutely loved. Now it's ours. (Title: nude) We're going to enjoy it! M. V. D.

Très belle exposition! Naïades et poissons. Envoitants. Merci! E.P.

Very beautiful and sensitive. Nature is still the best source of inspiration! Thanks. S.

Fantastic! J.

Thanks for letting us see this inspired work M.

Beautiful exposition, very varied and yet again a whole. Fam. R.

Beautiful colors, beautiful work. Very artistic! S. D.

Beautiful, more Hedwig, more! M.

Impressive. Proof that man can express itself organically. Your work touches me. E. W.

Super Nice your exhibition'm very proud! Kiss, F

Very worthwhile. Success. I. Z.

Great quality! Colleague H.

Verry creative! Very poetic. Felicitations. B.

Hedwig, the various structures, GREAT beautiful corner ..... and raw stone, then those lines, it wavy hair and smooth body, PRÁÁÁÁCHTIG!
She has found her place. Thanks again. F

I am very impressed with your work. I find most of your images are beautiful. My feeling when your work is that there is a lot of power in there, especially the drawings are really beautiful. You plays with perspective and let the impersonated material are different than reality. Your work is very nice and in the course of the years I have encountered few sculptresses make work of your caliber, they continue stabbing in not challenging abstract or in making a â ? æægezellig uiltjeâ ?? ?. M

Touched by your care and tranquility, love that radiates your work. Thanks for these gems. R

Fine, wonderful, inspiring work! J

I'm glad to have been able to see you. Wonderful work Thanks! C.

We enjoyed your wonderful work. The "natural" aspect appeals to us greatly. Nice! P & Y

We came in and fell like the picture on the right! So ... do not hesitate! Beautiful all the work from you. To have fun. Anything Go! T & H

In real life more beautiful than on the site! Nice to see. L & T

What do you make wonderful job! I am really touched by a special moment on this beautiful sunny day! G.